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Haliborange Mr. Men & Little Miss Vitamins for Children -

The NEW Haliborange children's range with Mr. Men and Little Miss softies. An enjoyable and more enticing supplement for your little ones that helps get the vitamins they need.

Calcium & Vitamin D StrawberrySofties: The soft chews are more appealing as they look and feel like sweats. They help provide children's little bodies with the calcium and vitamin D needed for healthy bones and teeth.

Omega 3 & Multivitamins Orange Softies: Again another soft chew, that looks just like a sweat, but this one offers a wider balance of multivitamins, which provides an important source of Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as vitamin A. Helps support healthy eyes. Vitamin B. Contribute to the release of energy from food. Pantothenic Acid. Supports normal mental performance. Vitamin C. Helps support the immune system Vitamin D. Helps the body's absorption of calcium, promoting strong bones and teeth. Vitamin E. Contributes to antioxidant protection of body tissues.

No matter what part of the year / what season, you want to help your child maintain a healthy immune system, and if they are not the best of eaters, i.e. they don't eat lots of fruit and vegetables, then the best way to encourage a healthy immune system is to support your child's diet with supplements and the Haliborange range is designed to do just that.

Jacob is a fussy eater, he lives on pasta and noodles (plain no sauce). He does like his fruit, although he struggles with his vegetables, and because of this and because I worry he isn't getting all the vitamins he needs, I would like for him to supplement his diet with vitamins. Now getting him to take a tablet would be a struggle or a vitamin liquid (like what my mum used to force down our throats when I was little). If he doesn't like it he won't take it, and this is what I both appreciate and like with the new Haliborange range, the vitamins are more like 'sweats' - they looks like sweats, they feels like sweats and they taste like sweats. They solve any issues with him turning his nose up at them, he takes them and enjoys them. I make it a routine so I don't forget to give him one each day, and each morning he quite happily eats one.

As well as the Mr. Men and Little Miss range, Haliborange sent us Teensense for my older two boys. Liam and Lewis do eat a good range of food, but not always the healthy stuff, they would much rather opt for the pizza, than the salad, so it does concern me deeply that they are not getting all their nutrients and vitamins needed.  Being older, they are quite happy to take the vitamins (to my relief), so I will quite happily give them, knowing that they are contributing towards a better immune system - keeping them healthy and happy. Haliborange Teensense vitamins are designed specifically for teenagers and they offer: Omega-3 that helps support brain function and vitamins A, C, D & E for growth and good health 


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