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Badger and the Great Storm Book

Another lovely book published by Little Tiger Press, Badger and the Great Storm by Suzanne Chiew and Caroline Pedler. A sweet, touching story that is beautifully illustrated. This book is also a hardback, which I love as they last longer.

The story is about friends helping each other out in difficult and worrying times (a bad storm is coming), and Badger selflessly makes sure all his friends are safe and secure before the pending storm, putting them in front of himself.  But after the storm, he finds his home destroyed -but not to worry all his friends return the favour of kindness, pull together and fix Badgers home.  

It's an enjoyable read that demonstrates to children how rewarding it is to put others first before themselves, by helping where he can, which is truly a great way to be. It delivers a strong message of what true friendship is and what it can mean.

Also, we had fun learning and recognising the animals, although Summer insists on saying the word "hedge" rather than "hedgehog"! 

Both Summer and Jacob enjoyed the story, and as I read through it Summer would happily relate some of the words to the pictures, pointing out to the tree and so on.  Her favourite character was the badger and Jacob liked the hedgehog.  

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