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Allan & Janet Ahlberg’s Baby’s Big Box of Little Books

Baby’s Big Box of Little Books from Janet and Allan Ahlberg (husband and wife team), the creators of Burglar Bill and The Jolly Postman and adapted from their classic picture book. Janet Ahlberg’s iconic illustrations present a vast array of baby paraphernalia that should be instantly recognisable and absorbing to a young child.

The sturdy illustrated box holds 9 little board books, and the books are just the right size for little hands to carry and read. Incredibly versatile book which are effortlessly educational, and fun, they are aimed for children aged between 0 - 2 years old.

The little books titles are: Mornings, Night-times, Toys, Baby, Games, Family, Inside, Outside and Pets.

Each book has 5 pages with a beautifully illustrated picture and matching word, giving parent and baby tons of things to talk about, and it also helps baby to remember their words.

Summer loves books and I love reading to her, and she not only loves reading these little books, sitting looking at the pictures, she also enjoys stacking them into a 'tower'; also loves tipping them out and putting them back into the box again. 

Baby's Big Box of Little Books are available to buy at Amazon or Waterstones and are a great set of little books for your baby - or great to buy as a gift.


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