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Toddlebikeis a unique 'pre-balance' bike that fills the gap between baby ride-on toys and toys for older children such as balance bikes or scooters. It is a great way to encourage toddler's to spend less time sat in the buggy and more time actively moving, along with developing cycling skills.  

The design is clever, it is a bike with no peddles, that has four wheels which are positioned close together, and with this design it encourages the toddler to balance themselves as they speed around.

Features :

  • For both Indoor AND outdoor use - Summer is on it all the time indoors, whizzing around the hall way.
  • Pre-balance bike for children aged 1-3 who can confidently walk
  • Super lightweight - less than 1kg and 3 times lighter than most balance bikes
  • Develops key cycling skills such as balance, co-ordination, turning, speed

Summer adores her Toddlebike, so much so we have to take it most places with us, i.e. on the school runs. 

It is her first bike and she loves the freedom it gives her to whizz around the inside of the house, and also outside. Even though it is extremely lightweight it is extremely tough, all three of my boys have had a whizz on it, even my teenage son. It has also been chucked about somewhat, and still it is solid as day one.

This is a great gift for any toddler, the bright and fun colours appeal to the kids, and the simplicity of it allows them to sit on it, and whizz around indoors/outdoors for hours. It is also a great price!

Available to buy on Amazon for £21.95  

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