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The First Hippo on the Moon review

The First Hippo on the Moon by David Walliam's and illustrated by Tony Ross, an explosively jolly space adventure for children of 3 and up. 

The story follows Hercules Waldorf-Franklin III, an extremely wealthy hippo who pays for a space centre to be built to launch him into space, and then there is Shelia, who lives in the jungle, and she enrols her jungle friends to build her a space rocket from trunks, vines and of course, dung.

Both hippos want to be known as the first hippo on the moon, and both land on the moon at the same time, however Hercules Waldorf-Franklin III demands to be the first hippo on the moon – but will Sheila the hippo let him get away with his demands...

Two big hippos.
One ENORMOUS dream.
Who can make it to the moon first?
3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .
Introducing a wonderfully charming and funny new picture book from two superstars!

The book has vibrant illustrations, which adds more to the story than just the words, allowing the children to interact and enjoy the book more. There are also LARGE words used through the pages, which also show the animation of the words, bringing the book more alive, and much more fun.

The kids enjoyed this one, they loved the pictures and laughed at the story. The book is a pleasure to read as it is always great to see them enjoying a story.

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