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The Clever Tykes children's story books

The Clever Tykes is a series of children's storybooks for the ages of 5-11, promoting important values and characteristics by providing positive entrepreneurial role models. There are three books in the series, and for this review we were sent:

Walk -it Willow:  Willow who has a passion for dogs, and shortly learns she can turn doing what she loves into a way to earn money, and help others.  This story takes you through Williow’s journey on her business venture, and through how she handled and made an important decision on a mistake she made.

Code-it CodyCody has a talent for tech and problem-solving, he is also hearing impaired, but he doesn’t let that stop him. This story is based around Cody successfully designing and creating the best new game possible, through commitment, hard-word, and team work.

Both books are designed to be enjoyable with fun stories, illustrations and short chapters, but also to deliver valuable life-skills lessons and encouragement to solving problems and hard work. 

They are both inspirational and engaging books, which will stimulate discussion with your child - what we would do if we were either of the characters.

These are definitely a must have in your child's book collection, and would make a great gift.  

You can purchase them on the Clever Tykes website for £7.99 each or you can buy the full range of three books for £19.99.

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