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snapfish photo calendars

It's that time of the year, the end is near, and a new one looms.  Amidst all the crazy Christmas shopping and preparations, I will always find the time to order myself a photo calendar for the following new year, one with lots of photos of the kids, some great memories captured over the past 12 months - a great way to share and celebrate those memories, whether you're keeping the calendar for yourself, or ordering more than one to give to a family member, so they too can also enjoy the great photos.

snapfish are an on-line digital photo service with over 90 million users (Wow that says a lot) and with 1 billion photos stored on-line.  You can share, print and store all your photos in this one website. Snapfish offers professionally–developed digital camera prints, free online photo sharing, unlimited online photo storage, and a variety of personalised photo products: ranging from calendars, mugs and mousemats, to books and puzzles.

For this review I had to choose from their range of photo calendars.

Photocalendars start from £4.99:
  • Classic Calendars -  You can choose from hundreds of backgrounds, various layouts, and customise special dates - available in 3 different sizes
  • Kitchen Calendars - you can add important dates within your calendar.
  • Desk Calendars - perfect for personalising your office desk.
  • Poster Calendars - Add up to 30 photos to a collage poster calendar. Available in 3 different sizes
This year I've ordered two types of photo calendars: the classic calendar and a new one for me, the poster calendar. I had lots of fun changing and creating the background, adding the birthdays and any other important dates within the calendar, and finally choosing my favourite photos from the past year.  I found the whole process very easy, from uploading and storing the photos onto the snapfish website, to dragging and dropping the photos to be included in to my calendar, ready for it to be ordered.

This is the first time I have ordered from snapfish, and I have been impressed with the whole process, and I'm especially pleased with my finished calendars. The classic calendar will sit proudly on my shelf in my lounge and the poster calendar I have stuck on my fridge door; both places where I will capture glimpses as I potter around the house and that I know will make me smile each and everytime I see them.

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