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Propel RC

Propel RC have landed in the UK. 

Propel RC offer the latest innovative of remote controlled toys, and a couple of weeks ago we were invited along to the launch at the London RAF museum. We went along as a family, and not only got to learn how to fly the helicopters, but also how to battle each other with them.

We had a fantastic day.

We were introduced to the fantastic range of RC helicopters, and the Hovermaxx.  We got to experience flying them in the large room, the guys from Propel RC were on hand to help teach you, and after a few minutes, Lewis had mastered flying the helicopter with ease, and he thoroughly enjoyed it.  

The RC helicopter offers a long-range wireless joystick (flight stick controller) to control your helicopter with, and it has a built in stabilisation sensor, which allows for the best grip, and ease of control to improve flight control. The LED strobe light gives you the freedom to fly them in night, perfect for these short days.  

Having two helicopters allows you to compete, battle and have lots of fun - hours of enjoyment for children and adults alike. They are easy to learn and very durable and they fly very well in a confined area, and even better in the outdoors.

Propel RC also offers its customer aftercare support, you can sign-up to the Propel Flight Club, which will give you unlimited repair parts for free (you just have to pay P&P), early access to upcoming products, and you can also earn loyalty points, which you can use to redeem on items from the Propel website.

So you can play with these helicopters during the day, night, indoors or outdoors, limitless hours of enjoyment, and they are available in an array of different colours. You can find them on Amazon. Propel RC offer their customers aftercare, and they seem to really care about their customers.

The boys being introduced to the helicopters. They were keen to have a go.

After a few minutes helping Lewis, he was soon flying one himself.

They also had an area for the RC Hovermaxx UFOs, this suited Jacob a lot better, being slightly younger, the UFOs are great for his age. He enjoyed flying them up, down and all over. 
Even Summer gave the Hoevermaxx ago..

After all that practice and fun flying the helicopters and hovermaxx's, the kids got to dress up. Summer dressed up as an alien...

and Jacob dressed up as a pilot...

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