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Portable North Pole

Its the count down to the final few days before the big one - Christmas Day... as soon as Jacob woke up this morning, his first words were "it's 4 days to Christmas".  Then he does a count down using his fingers.

There is a lot of excitement in our house, we went to Asda yesterday and Farther Christmas was on his sleigh and his elfs were doing a collection and giving the kids some sweets. Summer ran around excitedly shouting 'Santa, Santa'.

Then we had some more excitement over the weekend. Jacob watched his personalised video message from Farther Christmas. I set-it up via the PNP website and all you need is the child's name, any sibling names and some photos; I used a photo on Jacob's birthday, and a photo of one of his pets, Shadow our lizard. All of this is intergrated into the video message, and the finished effect is amazing.  

I told Jacob Santa had sent him a message, so we sat down together and started to watch the video, in the start, Farther Christmas greets Jacob by his name, which instantly captured Jacob's full attention, and he gave the biggest smile ever.  Then near the end came the announcement on whether Jacob is on the good list or the naughty list and to Jacob's delight he was on the good list (you can pick either when you personalise the set-up).  Jacob was over the moon, he has told everyone about the video, watched it several times since, and it certainly added to the magic of excitement this week.

Portable North Pole videos come in 2 main varieties: Christmas and birthday messages. For Christmas, you can send your loved one a free, classic video message with lots of personalisation options. Or you can upgrade to the Premium version, which is longer and features even more special scenes and features, like the chance to add more of your favourite photos to make the experience even more memorable. The console also gives you the unique ability to create a personalised phone calls for your nearest and dearest from jolly old Saint Nick, too. All of this for the less than the cost of a cappuccino! And that’s not all. To spread even more holiday cheer, PNP distributes 5% of all online store sales among 40-plus Children’s Hospitals around the world.

PNP – Portable North Pole is now available on mobile phones and tablets via a free downloadable mobile application. This app is compatible with Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices as well as most Android phones and tablets. The PNP mobile app features a free basic video message tailor-made for mobile, exclusive mobile content, synchronised messages from the web via your own unique PNP account and much more.