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Club Penguin

I remember Club Penguin from 10 years ago (on the laptop, pre-tablet era), when my now teenage son first started to play it back then, and he really enjoyed playing it and did for a few years. But my younger boys never played it, until recently, which they have now also started to enjoy the game. 

Jacob is only just 5 and wasn't sure what to do, so we sat down together and with Lewis as well, we created our penguin and then started to explore the game. As well as adopting cute little pets, decorated our igloo, there are also mini games to play, and they can also chat with friends - lots to do.

As a parent I appreciate all the added safety measures Disney Club Penguin apply within this game, safety that you won't find in other games out there:

Parental Control: Club Penguin has fantastic parental controls, once Jacob created his penguin, I then set up a Parent Account.  The account gave me access to some great tools, where I could set a timer to restrict how long Jacob could play on the game each day, I could access his usage history and it also gave me the facility to manage his account. This extra security offers piece of mind in safety, thus allowing him to enjoy the game safely.

Moderators:  Club Penguin employs adult moderators who review each account's chat and activities, they use a software to filter out inappropriate language. They are also on hand within the game where they move around the island readily available to offer help to children. In addition there is also a 'Report' a player button, where your child can report any other player for breaking rules. The moderators then carry out an investigation to determine what action is to be taken.

It is refreshing to see a game that has taken child's internet safety very seriously and who are being visibly pro-active about it. It is evident a lot is invested not only to make children safe whilst playing this game, but also to Keep it fun.    

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