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Battleborg Warrior Battle Arena Set

Battroborg Warrior is a battle game - you use wireless controllers to motion control your battling robots, who are outfitted with interchangeable weapons and armour. Motion control technology puts the power in your hands. The aim is to defeat your opponent by knocking him down.

You sync your warrior to your controller wireless you begin your battle. The controller offer two actions: Punch Left and Punch Right. Also with the motion control katana controllers, every time you move it, it moves the robot.


  • The battle arena 
  • 2 warrior robots - which are equipped with interchangeable weapons and armour pieces that can be easily snapped on and off to customise your warrior.
  • 2 wireless controllers You control each warrior's strike with the single handed motion controller. Move your controller upwards and your warrior will strike up with his blade and move left. Move your controller down and your warrior will strike his blade down and move right.

Kanesada - The Samurai and Raiden - The Ninja both are 4 inchs tall.

You charge your robots by connecting them to your wireless controllers, but the controllers do need 8 AA batteries. It's a shame but that they don't come with rechargeable batteries - but that is my only grumble with this set.

 Once the boys got into it, it was a lot of fun, lots of excitably shouting, and they really got immersed into it; they especially enjoyed slashing the swords just like you would with a play sword.

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