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Anovia’s Head On range

Head lice are a pain in the arse! Although we have been quite lucky this year, and we haven't had any cases of the boys catching those nasties (knock on wood), however I know many other children unfortunately catch them, in-fact 48% of primary school children do. Then there was a board outside reception class yesterday and today, a warning to parents that a child with head lice was reported, so of course when I got the boys home I went through their hair, but all seemed okay for now.

But how best to avoid getting head lice in the first place? Being proactive instead of reactive.

That is where Anovia’s Head On range comes in. The range is designed with their unique blend of essential oils to work together to stop lice from finding your child's head. With 97% being naturally derived ingredients, tea tree, eucalyptus and neem oil, which derives from the evergreen neem tree in India and acts as a natural insecticide, thus this range is gentle enough to be used on your child's hair every day, but also strong enough to keep those head lice away. 

With over four million under-16s experiencing head lice every year, and an average infestation frequency of 2.4 times per year, it is an ongoing battle, a never-ending one.

Anovia’s ethos has always been to deliver the best quality products at affordable prices, making good quality haircare available to all. So, the Head On 3-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo and the Conditioning Spray are each available for just £1.49 each.

I am really impressed with Anvoia, it is simple and seems effective.  It is a pleasure to use on the childrens head, and offers extra piece of mind.

Anovia has an available range of shower gels, body creams, suncare and children’s hair care. It is available to buy in Poundland, Savers and Boyes stores nationwide. 

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