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Penpals at home books

Penpals at home. These are wipeable books which are designed to give your child the confidence and skills to learn and improve their writing - in a fun and active way. Your child can use a felt-tip pen to draw on the shapes and letters etc.. then wipe it clear once finished, so they can be used over and over again. 

We reviewed 'Getting ready for handwriting' and 'Forming letters'.

Jacob loves learning, and these books went down very well. As soon as he started he got very enthusiastic, and completed both books, one after the other. He was also proud of himself and wanted to show me each time he completed a letter, or completed a shape. The instructions on each page were clear, and once I read them out to him, he was able to complete each task and he enjoyed doing it.  The illustrations used are bright, bold and fun, giving it a positive impression.

Each book includes a 'Notes for grown-ups' page, which is a step-by-step guide on how you can help your child through their journey on learning with the book, I found this very helpful.

The only downfall is there is no pen included, but lucky enough we had a few Sharpie's in the house, I gave him a cloth, and he wiped it clean when he wanted to start again.

I was pleasantly surprised with these books, how quickly they grabbed Jacob's attention and he really enjoys doing them again and again, each time he learns another letter, and gets excited when he remembers. These books have definitely helped Jacob with his learning to write and learning his letters - I would highly recommend them.

They are available to buy on Amazon for £4.99 each.

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