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Loom Band 'tastic

We've finally jumped on the Loom Band waggon

So after months of reading about and seeing the Loom Band craze, we finally got involved and now have a few Loom Band bracelet's complete, and to my surprise both Jacob and Summer are right into them. Jacob getting involved and attempting to make a few himself, and Summer, a little too young to make one herself, but certainly enjoys wearing them.

Personally I found it easier with using my fingers to make them, even though it does make your fingers ache, but I was also surprised on how enjoyable and fun it is.  We sit together and the kids pick the colours out, pass me the bands and help me make them. Each time we do it, it is a fun, family effort.

What I have so far learnt about Loom Bands:
  • Watch a few YouTube videos - watching these really helped me grasp how to make a friendship bracelet.
  • Don't attempt to keep them organised and sorted - it's futile - they are to fiddly to keep colour organised, even in the box, I just gave up in the end.
  • No matter how hard you try not to spill the box, you will - expect the box of loose loom bands to be accidentally dropped, or in our case kicked over... and they go everywhere.
  • They get everywhere - expect to find the odd one in the strangest of places, on the stairs, in the cupboards, in your shoes!
  • You cannot make just one, and you will have to make loads, and not just for your little girl, but for all her dolls as well.

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