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Celebration with Freixenet on the #LittleThings

This year, Freixenet, world's leading Cava producer, presented a celebration of the 'Little Things' (#littlethings).

For me, the little things are so very important, whether it be a small milestone, to a simple smile, and as I live a busy (hectic) life, I try to capture and remember as many of the little things as I can.  

Both my husband and I have full time jobs - although I count myself extremely lucky, as I work from home fully. I've got the flexibility, where I can take an afternoon out, and go to school or I can take time out and play and do arts/crafts with the kids. I can and I am there for and with the kids (between sending emails, doing reports and Skype meetings).

So what are my little things I think are worth celebrating:

My oldest son is 15 in a few weeks, and he's your normally grumpy teenager - my baby is growing-up - but when I get the little text messages he sends, I get excited and appreciate everyone (even if it is not good news).  Or even better when he verbally tells me he loves me, although very rarely, I capture and hold onto every time he tells me, with the biggest inner smile.  Then there are the times he will come and sit with me, and ask me about my day.  

Lewis, I love the cheeky little smiles he gives me, but those smiles are full of love and I can feel it. When he was little we used to just lie there and smile and then pull a sad face and then smile again and do it many times before we giggled. And little things, like when he tidy his room without me having to nag him. (out of all the children, he is the laziest). He tells me he loves him and gives me a kiss.

Jacob, he is still young, so I still get lots of cuddles and kisses everyday, and he tells me often that he loves me and he often goes out of his way to come to me and tells me he loves me. But he is growing up and spends less time playing with me and more time on his Xbox etc..  So I enjoy each night when we sit and read the dinosaur pooped, which always results with us both in fits of giggles (if you've not read it, then do, they are very funny books )

The same with Summer, she cuddles me, kisses me, and tells me she loves me.  She also loves brushing my hair, and she puts so much care and effort in to it, and I love seeing that she enjoys it. 

One 'yes' moment for me, in the evening, having quiet time where hubby and I can cuddle up, have a glass of wine and chat - kids free.

All the above and more are my secret “yes” feelings.

Let me know what are your little things moments?

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