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Botanicals nourishing face balm

My hero products for this winter: Botanicals nourishing face balm and the Botanticals calming lotion

Botanticals nourishing face balm: I suffer from dry skin, eczema and acne - although it is mostly under control at the moment, I do get the odd flare-up, but in winter the cold months, my skin can get very taut and dry, even peels. And with all my issues of having problematic skin, I have to be careful with what creams I put on my face.  With Botanicals, I can honestly say it is the best brand I have used in a very long time.  It sooths my face, it calms my face and most importantly it nourishes and moisturises my face. I Love, love love this face balm - it's perfect for me.

It is made entirely of active plant derived ingredients, with no water, fillers or chemical nasties, this balm will also support your skinโ€™s natural ability to regenerate new skin cells; perfect for dry skin. It is also enriched with organic shea butter and infused with wild rose and rose geranium - renowned for their nourishing and revitalising properties - It smells Divine.

I found a little goes a long way with this balm, it melts into a liquid, and applies over the face with ease - it quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving a refreshed and soft finish.

Botanticals calming lotion: designed to soothe and calm your skin after shaving, or waxing, and it will support the skinโ€™s natural elasticity by replenishing essential moisture lost during hair removal. Ingredients included are essential extracts of marigold, aloe-vera, lavender and tea tree. These calming, soothing and antiseptic blends contribute into this pure and natural effective and caring body treatment.

I find this lotion instantly soothing and calming, and is a pleasure to use on my skin, especially after a shave.  It has a lovely thick texture and you only need a little when applying to the skin.  Also it's got the most Divine smell. 

You can order these products from the Botanticals website, and currently if you sign-up to their newsletter, you will receive a ยฃ5 off your first order voucher code to use if you spend over ยฃ20.

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