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Washing school uniforms - Dettol Laundry Cleanser

Dettol is a brand that I associate with cleaning products which kill 99,9% of bacteria, whether it be kitchen spray, to disinfectant liquid. In addition I recognise Dettol as a brand that cares, a brand that wants to keep you and your family safe from nasty infections that come from bacteria. Now with their latest product, Dettol Laundry Cleanser, it takes the fight to the washing machine, a product that kills bacteria in your washes.

Parents are being urged to re-evaluate their laundering process:
A recent study looking at what lives on children’s clothes before and after washing has revealed that 1 in 4 are contaminated with bacteria after being washed at 40°C with school pants and jumpers harbouring the highest contamination levels overall! The nationwide study, undertaken in conjunction with NetMums, exposes Britains school uniforms and adds to a growing bank of scientific research revealing how low-temperature washing and modern laundry trends have created a new breeding ground for germs and bacteria in the family washing basket.*national laundry study 2013

With this in mind, having three children at school, and lots of school uniform to wash on the weekends and because I do my washes at 40°C, I make sure to add 2 capfuls of Dettol Laundry Cleanser to each wash. In addition considering we are now in the cold and flu season, thus more infections going around, I feel extra precaution by using Dettol laundry cleanser in washes, is great for piece of mind. Dettol Laundry Cleanser goes a long way in keeping the children's laundry clean and bacteria 99,9% free.

Dettol's anti-bacterial laundry cleanser has been developed to kill 99,9% of bacteria each time you use it in a wash. It is dermatologically tested and safe to use on children's clothing. 

For piece of mind I also like to use it when washing towels and bedding.

Dettol laundry cleanser is available to buy in most major supermarkets and costs £4.50.

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