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ROBOFish Pirate

Introduction: Last Christmas Jacob received the original ROBOFish and tank as a gift from his Nanny, this was the one thing he asked for, and he loves it.  This year ZURU brings you the new ROBOFish range, called Pirates. There are 6 to collect, and they look pretty cool.

With each individual fish you buy, included is the storage tube to keep it safe, and the base is also a stand, which your ROBOFish sits perfectly in. Also included is a spare set of batteries (which I really appreciate).

What are ROBOFish?

You simply drop it into water and it instantly comes to-life, swimming around mimicking that of a real fish. They work so well due to the latest carbon sensors technology in which it is made with, as soon as ROBOFish enters water it automatically activates it, and as soon as you remove it from the water, it stops.  In addition this year, ZURU have come back with better improved technology with the 'power save', a clever feature, which will automatically switch off your ROBOFish after 4 minutes to save power, but it will reawaken once dried and placed back in the water.

Not forgetting that it not only mimics the life-like movements of a real fish, as it can swim in 5 directional movements: Up, down, left, right and forwards, it is also 100% waterproof with a soft silicon tail. This is one clever little toy, that offers hours of fun.

Conclusion: Jacob love these, he has a few from the original range, along with the tank, although when playing with them, he doesn't only use them in the fish tank, he sticks them in the bath, sink and swimming pool. They are tons of fun and are a great gift for any child. 

ROBOFish pirate costs £9.99) and there are 6 to collect!  You can also get the playset costing £19.99, which comes complete with a ROBOFish, accessory and fish tank.


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