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Wasgij Puzzle

Introduction: Wasgij (Jigsaw backwards!) original studio tour puzzle 1500 pieces -  ‘what are they looking at?’ puzzle concept where you have to use your imagination to piece together what a character in the scene printed on the box is looking at.  

Our experience: It must be nearly 20 years since I have done a puzzle -  non-kiddie one that is.  So when I was offered a Wasgij puzzle to review, I took the opportunity, and I was looking forward to it.

Wow, I was hooked, I found myself doing it as often as I could during the day, and hubby and I done bits in the evenings; I could only pull myself away from it when my head started to hurt, or I started to go crossed eye, this puzzle really captured my attention, and my hubby's and it was amazing fun to do.

At first it was hard because there is no picture to follow (to Paul's despair and frustration) - you have to piece it together yourself using your imagination; but trying to piece the edge/outline was the biggest challenge, more than once we thought 'there are definitely pieces missing' but as we put more and more together, it slowly started to build together, and many 'Oh that's where that goes' moments.

Once we were on the 'final run' of putting the final bits in, the feeling of achievement was great!

Conclusion: I enjoyed it very much, and on a few evenings hubby and I sat there with a glass of wine piecing the puzzle together, I would definitely be interested in doing another one and I would recommend anyone giving Wasgij puzzles ago - they are tons of fun.

Before we started the puzzle we purchased a puzzle roll-up mat, which is the green mat in the photos. I am really glad I did as we were able to roll-up the puzzle and put it away for the evening and unroll it to continue. 

Wasgij is available to buy at Argos, TRU, Tesco, The Entertainer, WHSmith, Amazon.co.uk, Hobbycraft, Notcutts, and all good independent retailers. RRP £14.99.

For news, hints and tips visit www.wasgij.com

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