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Surcare sensitive laundry range + details to become a Surcare tester

Introduction: Surcare the champions of sensitive skin, promise to get your clothes outstandingly clean each and every-time you wash and they will never put anything unnecessary into their products that will irritate your sensitive skin.

The Surcare range:

  • Surcare powder 2.4kg (30 washes)
  • Surcare sensitive non-bio gel 630ml (18 washes)
  • Surcare sensitive non-bio capsules 10s
  • Surcare sensitive liquid detergent (18 washes)
  • Surcare sensitive fabric conditioner (28 washes)
  • Surcare sensitive washing-up liquid 450ml

Features the brand offers

  • Fragrance free - no perfumes at all
  • Non-biological
  • No acids, no dyes and no enzymes
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Dermatologist approved
  • Suitable for sensitive skin, including eczema sufferers.
  • Effective cleaning at 30ºC

Experience:  I have written about my eczema and sensitive skin a few times, and for me choosing the right type of laundry product is a must, a product that will take care of my condition, I have to be careful with which detergents that will not irritate my eczema - it is known that chemicals can trigger a reaction, thus flaring up eczema. Many detergents can be potent; their selling point is that they remove stains and dirt at low temperature washes, but it is these added extras on the Biological products that contain strong chemicals and enzymes - which I have to avoid to protect my skin, and the Surcare range offer detergents that are not potent, and therefore they do not irritate my skin.

Tip: In the past I've found cleaning the washing machine with Dr Beckmans, washing machine cleaner, running a 90 degree wash every two weeks keeps away any build-up of bacteria, which that bacteria is also known to trigger eczema.

Conclusion: At first it was hard to get used to absence of any scent on the laundry, but I find if you hang the laundry out on the line, nothing beats the fresh air scent. The cleaning results are great, but for me the true value is that it really cares for sensitive skin and it gives me confidence to use the Surcare products knowing that they are caring towards my skin.

Surcare are also searching for people to become part of their testing panel. Testers will be sent Surcare products to test and to review, as well as asking for your feedback on new product development.  If you would like to be part of the panel please apply by sending an email to: surcare@smokinggunpr.co.uk.

For this review we were sent a pack of Surcare items, and we were also sent some goodies for a girly night in: A gorgeous Yankee Candle and a Aromantic lip balm kit (make your own 100% natural lip balm kit).

We had great fun making the lip balms, rather messy, though we were super pleased with the finished product - it was very easy to do, I wouldn't mind making them again. You are supplied with all the ingredients, which you put all in a pot and melt down together, then once melted, you pour into the small supplied empty tubs, you leave them for 24 hours to cool down and set, and after that you have 9 pots of great lip balms.   And with the Yankee Candle, clean cotton scent it is just simply gorgeous and relaxing, a real treat.

Setting the tone with this gorgeous candle
The gorgeous Yankee Candle

Melting down all the ingredients, to then pour in each little tin pot.
My very own made lip balm, using only natural products

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