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OiDroids pop-out and build robots

OiDroids are unique collectable robots that you pop-out and build. There are 96 different OiDroids characters to collect and each pack contains randomly packed individual OiDroids robots The pop-out robots are printed on postcard sized cards, which are finished in amazing bright colours that look fun and cool.  

Each robot is a one piece pop-out that is pre-creased, with icons giving you clear directions on where to fold, thus making it easier to build the characters. There is no sticking or glueing needed. 

Available in:

  • Pack of 4: 4 individual OiDroids
  • Pack of 12: 12 individual OiDroids, including one rare foil card, and a pop-out and build data card storage box.
  • OiDroids Party 10 Pack: each pack includes 10 OiDroids 4 Packs, 10 OiDroids party bags and 10 unique pop-out and build invitations for your guests to build as reminders of the party.

Membership: On their website you can join the OiDroids Alliance, which involves an annual fee of £17.99 and then a 4 pack is delivered to your door each month. The membership also includes added benefits, member exclusives and 10% discount on further pack purchases.

Conclusion:  For me I did not have any problem slotting the robots together but Jacob found it a bit tricky, he managed to do a few, but I did most for him on his request. The robots have a really cool and fun design that would appeal to both boys and girls. The cardboard is sturdy and we've found the robots are still intact after a few weeks of being played with. These are a great alternative gift or collectable item for the children, which they can play with, swap with friends and/or put them on display in their bedroom.

They cost £1.99 for a 4 pack and £4.99 for the 12 pack, and they are available in most independent toy shops, WHSmiths, Amazon and you can purchase at www.oidroids.com.

In the bigger pack you always receive a pop-out box, which you can store all your data cards which included with each OiDroid.

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