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Birds Eye #Afterschoolchefs Challenge

Back-to-school time this term was a different for us, not only has Liam and Lewis returned to school, Jacob started school and Summer has started Nursery.  What hasn't changed is when the boys get home they raid the kitchen like there is no tomorrow, like they haven't eaten all week and they are starved. 

I have adopted a knack in stopping the boys eating too much when they first get home, i.e. trying to cook pizza "because they are starving" so we limit it to smaller snacks, fruit, etc.. and we make them wait until meal time.

My kids are 'hungry Horace's', it is a feat in itself feeding them each and every day and as we are busy full time working parents, we want to be able to cook our kids healthy, but easy to cook food, that is where Birds Eye comes in.

When it comes to the evening meal, the challenges don't stop there. We don't set menus, as unfortunately the boys like and eat different things, Liam and Jacob, love pasta, Lewis on the other hand will eat anything, but wants to avoid pasta.  So we often have to cook different things each evening, this is why I love Birds Eye food - there is something for everyone, us adults can treat ourselves to the delicious Birds Eye Inspiration range (my favourite), where the kids they all love fish fingers and nuggets.

Birds Eye trusty frozen peas, personally I don't like peas, but the boys love them, so the frozen peas are a must have in our freezer, on-hand ready for a meal for the kids, with the added reassurance they are receiving fresh vegetables that are full of nutrients.

So how we survive hassle free meals, is to keep a freezer stocked up with Birds Eye handy and nutritious and yummy ingredients - with the Birds eye available range of ingredients, you can get meal time right every time.

Birds Eye Cod fillets -Yummy
This post is an entry for #Afterschoolchefs Challenge, sponsored by Birds Eye. Learn more on the Birds Eye Facebook Page.

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