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Review: Sky Ripperz

Air Storm Sky Ripperz are the latest craze in our house at the moment; they are bungee-launched whistle screaming rockets and the boys love them!

Each pack includes the launcher and 3 rockets. Recommended for children aged 8 or over - however my 4 year old loves it.

All you need to do is attach your launcher to the launch hook on the rocket, pull back and let go, and then watch and hear (as it whistles) go the distance.


  • Can reach distance in flight over 75 metres.
  • They whistle as you catapult them.
  • Easy to use, even my 4 year old is using it with ease.
  • You get 3 rockets included in the pack
  • You can use them if you are right or left handed - doesn't matter.
  • No batteries needed.

Experience: Whilst playing it in the garden we lost one rocket over the fence, because the boys thought it would be fun jumping on the trampoline whilst they shot a Sky Ripperz rocket in the air, however one went straight into next door neighbours garden, and unfortunately their dog chewed it up (lesson learnt).  After that bad luck, we decided to keep to using it only down the park, and whilst down the park, my boys embarked on trying to get the rocket as high as possible, and as far away as possible; it kept them active as they ran around collecting the rocket when it landed.

Conclusion: The boys had tons of fun with the Sky Ripperz, we keep it in my car, so when popping down the park or out for a walk, they are there ready for the boys to grab and take with them. 

These are an excellent outdoor toy for under £10 and they are available to buy at Smyths, Argos, Amazon and Toys ‘R’ US.

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