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Review: My NameTags

Introduction: My NameTags - a website that strive to make the best name tags in the world! There name tags are different to any others I have seen before, they are stickers - yes you read that right, stickers, that also have a 10 year wash guarantee.

My NameTags website allows you to design your very own name tag, just the way you want it. First you enter the name (first and second), you get to choose the colour and pattern you want, pick the font and also you can add a picture. 

Experience: Coming up to the new school year soon, with all new uniform and equipment it is that time to name tag everything and it really is worth the time and effort to name tag your child's school items. For example my middle boy is forever loosing his school jumper, or leaving his lunch box or his coat, no matter how many times I drill it in him to pay more attention to his stuff. But with name tagging everything I appreciate the advantage it gives us, as we are less likely to loose his jumper to the bottomless lost property box. 

The sticker pack arrives with clear instructions on how to label your clothing and/or equipment, and you get the sheet of all your name tags.  Very simple to do, you peel one off, and place it on the item you need, and that is it.


  • 10 year guarantee
  • They can be used on both clothing and equipment
  • You get to choose the design and colour of your name tag

Conclusion: These are so simple but very effective. The cost is reasonable and you get enough stickers to place them on all and every item you need, and they really do stay secure! They are fun and you get to be in control as you can design what you want your name tag to look like, you can even get the kids involved when designing it.

Costing just £11.95 for 56 stickers, postage is just £1.

They do also sell colour iron on labels, for people that would prefer the more traditional name tag.

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