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Review: K'NEX 35 Model Building Set

Introduction: K'NEX are an integrated construction toy system for children, that offer hours of fun by opening up their imagination and creative side. The K'NEX family have building toys specially designed for every age group and skill level. In addition to the available mixed building sets, K'NEX also offer an array of different sets, with many famous different brands; the most recognised one for me is the Amusement Park Ferris Wheel.

Experience: K'NEX are a toy brand that we have seen advertised over the years, but a brand we have never brought for ourselves, so when we were offered to review a box we jumped at the chance. It is an alternative construction toy that we couldn't wait to get stuck into.

The ideal age for this particular set is 6 to 14 year old, though Jacob my 4 year loves it, and has built many different things (that is what best to call them, things, as he just puts bits together being creative, but not actually creating a model). However, Lewis being 11 has had a little more success, he sat down and followed the picture instructions on the included booklet and was happy to build constructions. Also hubby got involved and together they built a few things (see the pictures below).

Features for the K'NEX 35 model building set:
  • Includes 35 Model Building Ideas booklet 
  • 475 pieces to build anything you like. 
  • A storage treasure chest box to store built figures and odd K'NEX bits 

Conclusion: The K'NEX 35 model build set is a perfect starter kit, to introduce you into the creative word of K'NEX.  It also comes in a box (chest) so that you can add more pieces to your collection and store it altogether.  

K'NEX allows and encourages the kids to be innovative, creative and teaches them to use their concentration and imagination.   The kids were quite happy to build bits and to create what they wanted, be it from the instructions booklet, or simply something they wanted to create using their own imagination.

K'NEXPERT is an annual competition run on the K'NEX website and it is in its 14th year now, giving you the chance be creative and show off your creations.  For a chance to win £150 of K'NEX prizes, and an iPad mini you can submit your entry here.

This was one of Jacob's creations, which he was super pleased with.

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