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Review: Save The Blow Dry

Introduction: Save The Blow Dry is a new innovative multi-use shower cap and I say a definite must have in your bathroom. Designed to make your life easier without having to blow dry and wash your hair every time you have a shower, and this is thanks to the internal layer of super-absorbent micro weave towelling. This innovative design eliminates both humidity and condensation; bathroom-proofing your hair to leave it dry and bouncy.

  • It is large, I can get my very long and thick hair into and it stays put
  • It is comfortable, it's not heavy and it feels secure when it is on
  • A secure and comfortable flex grip which prevents hair from escaping
  • Cute and colourful design
  • Reversible, for multi-use
  • It will banishes that frizz you get from bathroom humidity and squashed hair styles
ExperienceI love my new shower cap, I turn it inside out and use it when applying my Philip Kingsley elasticizer treatment on my hair, leaving it for 20 minutes putting the shower-cap on and then I relax in the bath. It makes sure the treatment doesn't get washed off too early, and then once the 20 minutes is up, I take the shower cap off and rinse the treatment off.   Or if I do the treatment in the shower, I stick my shower cap on, go watch some telly for 20 minutes, and then rinse it off.

I use it to keep my hair dry and frizz free when I have a quick shower or bath. And I have also used it when applying make-up for a night out and getting my hair out of the way without ruining my hair, which was styled earlier at the hairdressers.

Conclusion: I haven't brought or used a shower cap in years because I gave up on using them; they don't last very long, they are flimsy and always end up ripped/split, and they have always failed to hold my mass of hair, however Save The Blow Dry shower cap is everything that a normal shower cap is not. Durable, secure and it works.

Over-washing your hair (everyday) can do more damage than good, thus Save The Blow Dry shower cap will help you manage your hair more effectively, and it will help cut the need to wash your hair daily. I really cannot recommend it highly enough.

It costs £14.95 with P&P at £1. It is also available in two colour - pink or turquoise.  

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