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Review: Little Big Songs CD

I’ve got a grandpa, my dad’s dad
He lives in a house with a garden at the back
He loves his garden and he loves my granny too
He tells me stories of the olden days, when he was just a lad
That’s my grandad… he’s in the family.

Introduction: Little Big Songs with Jerry & Co is a CD with a collection of 11 sing along songs for young children; songs that are designed to encourage the child to connect everyday real life situations to, thus learning from the lyrics - they are songs  that tell a story! Length of CD is 32mins and 20secs.  

Song list:
  • Scrub-a-Dub 
  • The Day We Moved 
  • In the Family 
  • Ladybird, Ladybird 
  • Ooh, That’s Lovely Grub 
  • What’s the Time, Mr Wolf? .
  • Pipes and Taps 
  • Have You Ever made a Wish? 
  • They’re Digging Up the Road Again
  • The Smallest Christmas Tree
  • Goodnight, Mr Moon
Overview: It is a pleasant CD full of songs that not only offer educational, listening and encouragement value, but also they are fun. This is done by the simple but clever lyrics. I found as a parent the words instantly caught my attention and I was wanting to listen and absorb every single word. The kids as well were just as captivated, they were quick to pick the words up and sing along.   

Jacob and Summer's favourite song collectively is: What’s the Time, Mr Wolf?  with numerous requests to keep playing it again and again. My favourite is: In The Family. I love the words in this song, not only are they helpful as young kids do tend to struggle to puzzle together who is what within real life families, and this song helps structure what family member connections are, it is also a jolly song to listen too.

ConclusionThis is a different type of children's music CD, but a refreshing one, I found playing it calmed the kids down as it captured and held their attention, and they love singing along to the lyrics. 

You can purchase Little Big Songs as a download or on CD, with a 16-page illustrated booklet. You can also download Little Big Songs from iTunes, amazonMP3, 7digital and other sites

Website: http://jerrycomusic.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jerrycomusicuk

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