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Review: Gro-Sure, Aftercut & Resolva

You will see from my un-boxing post here, that we have been trying out three products for the garden.  Gardening is not my thing, however that doesn't mean I wouldn't like a nice healthy green lawn, and if there are products out there that make that possible but with minimal effort, then I am up for it.  

AftercutAll-in-One Even-Flo Spreader - We tried Aftercut out on our lawn, which was especially needed under the trampoline where the grass has died off.  With the Even-Flo ball technology it ensures an easy, even application across the lawn, and it made the whole process so much easier to achieve.  What I like about this product is it offers lots of benefits, from killing off moss, to killing off weeds, but also replenishing your grass. We have seen a slight improvement (nice fresh grass has actually grown through), which I am really please about and we will definitely be buying another tub so we can carry through with the second treatment.

Resolva 24, 1L ready to use spray - For this weed killer we used it on the kids play area, we used this area as even though we laid down weed control fabric underneath the play bark the weeds still grow through.  So we zapped the weeds with this spray, and they died off very quickly. We were super pleased. We also used this on the drive with the same effective results. 

Gro-Sure. Planting Magi - I am not one for growing plants so I gave my dad this one. My dad is an avid gardener, and he grows all sorts fruit and veg - as well as flowers. He captured the below picture of the plant he used with the Gro-sure. It is really very simple to use, and the bag is quite large and will last a while.

Overall these are three super products, they work well and they are also very simple to use; making gardening simpler and more fun to do! I have seen improvement over these past couple of weeks and based on this I am really excited to see the ongoing results over the next few weeks.

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