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Review: Viking-Direct - not just for the office.

Office supplies are essential items in most people's home, from a simple pen, to a printer, or maybe a stapler (for my son's homework) - The Viking Direct website has it all, not just the products, but it offers convenience, and good prices. As well as next day delivery (for most items), if you spend over £30 delivery is free! Also look out for the promotions, and there are plenty available, i.e. free products with minimum spends and so on.

Armed with £40 to spend I had to pick and choose items from the Viking Direct website, and the first thing I noticed was the vast range available with loads to choose from; not just office supplies, but lots of other additional bits and bobs, from stamps, to squash! So I wanted to order a range of items for this review to show you the variety available. 

So what did we order:

From the 'Fashion accessory' section we ordered the Silvine Marvel Spiderman A4+ Notebook - this is for Lewis as he loves to scribble and draw, and he is a massive Marvel fan. 

I love Scotch brown packing tape, I use it for many things, from taping up parcels to taping up store boxes etc.. This is a must have, a reliable and handy go to item.

Pens, no matter how many you have you can never find one??? Yep same here, so I ordered some Cristal Large fashion ball pen in assorted colours - Pack of 4. In addition I thought the Pritt non-permanent adhesive roll fix roller would come in handy, especially when we are doing arts and crafts with Jacob and Lewis 

Wiggly Eyes Stack 560 Per Pack - These are great for when Jacob and I do some arts and crafts. Jacob loves drawing, painting pictures etc.. or making things out of cardboard, so I thought these eyes would be great for him to use and great fun!

Batteries! Need I say more?? you can never have enough of them - the boys get through tons, and it can be a total disaster when you run out.

Paper but not just for the printer, also for the kids, as Jacob is always grabbing bits to draw and scribble pictures.

18 pack of Velvet toilet tissue - you can never have enough toilet roll (I also have a bit of an obsession with stocking up on toilet roll). 

Finally I got the kids a pack of KitKats - though they didn't last very long.

I will be definitely using Viking Direct again in the future, with a great website, and great products, I don't think you can go wrong.

Disclaimer: I was sent this box of items for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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