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Review: MONU-Spa Body Buffer

MONU's vision is to create only the purest, and kindest beauty products using only the finest natural ingredients. With unique formulations that utilise the special properties of pure, natural ingredients using plants and herbs, minerals and essential oils. Because of this vision MONU proudly boast that they are the preferred partner amongst thousands of professional beauty therapists.
MONU offer a range of products - for your face, body care, sun care and aromatherapy.

Features MONU products offer you:

  • All their products are made from only the finest, locally sourced ingredients
  • NO synthetic perfumes or colours
  • All products are made from un-genetically modified, natural ingredients
  • None of their products are tested on animals
  • Manufactured locally
  • 100% satisfaction money back guarantee
  • All packaging is recyclable
  • They source all their paper from sustainable forests
  • A NO AIRFREIGHT policy – they use land and sea to source materials where possible

My experience with this body scrub is a very good one, this is the first time I have used the MONU brand, and it won't be the last.  The scrub transformed the skin on my top arms - I suffer from bumpy and rough skin, and MONU body buffer smoothed out my skin, it has not got rid of it fully, but the difference is very evident to me. Using it twice a week, and only for a couple of weeks so far, I expect in time it will continue to improve and hopefully maintain the smoothness.

This shea butter body buffer's star ingredient is the crushed walnut pieces, which the tiny particles buff away dead skin, and with added Papaya Enzymes this ingredient ensures that the skin is brightened, leaving only fresh revitalised skin behind. I also plan to use this body buffer in the near future before applying fake tan, there is nothing worse than streaky fake tan, and I am confident this will be perfect to prep the skin.

I love the lid on this - you turn the lid until it locks and then squeeze out the required amount through the hole on the top - due to this design there is no spills or wastage and no loosing the lid!

I really like this body buffer a lot, it is a pleasure to use, and now has a permanent place in my bathroom! I would recommend it to anyone - it also smells divine.

Disclaimer: I was sent MONU Body Buffer for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and honest. Thank you for reading.

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