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Real Nappy Week Overview

28th April - 4th May was Real Nappy Week, a week to encourage parents to try washable cloth nappies, to raise positive awareness and the benefits with using washable vs disposables.

We were lucky enough to be given this opportunity and encouragement to try out and experience real nappies, and from my previous post here, you will see the assortment of different types we tried out.  I had never thought to use washable nappies before this campaign, as it really never occurred to me. Now I have got to try them out I feel I missed out, washable nappies has many benefits to offer; from saving you money in the long run, to helping the environment.

We tried out all the different washable brands we were sent:

  • GroVia Hybrid - This is a shell system (one-size-fits-all so it will grow with your baby), which you do need to then purchase either the Organic Cotton Soaker Pads or Bio-Soaker Pads, and these simply click into the GroVia Hybrid nappy. 
  • GroVia Coth - All in one system. The GroVia All in One will fit babies between approx 10-35lbs. This cloth nappy combines a sewn in, super absorbent organic cotton inner with a soft layer of waterproof TPU outer - no inserts.
  • Charlie Banana - One size nappy that grows with your baby using a bra-strap type adjustment system. In addition a two-in-one nappy system, including both reusable inserts and disposable inserts option.
  • Little Lamb Cotton Nappy - Comes in 3 sizes. I was advised that this one is great for nighttime as this nappy is extra absorbent and great for heavy wetters.
  • Little Lamb One Size Nappy - They come with 2 super-absorbent bamboo boosters inserts for maximum absorbency and containment. The pocket on the inside of the nappy lets you slide in the absorbent bamboo boosters prior to fitting onto baby. 
  • Tots Bots Easyfit V4 - One size nappy that grows with your baby. It comes with an all-new unique layered fabric, Binky: a super absorbent Bamboo & Cotton blend on the upper side. The supersoft, fast-drying Minky is tucked away on the lower side, and does a very good job of storing away all the wetness.
  • Bambino Mio Solo - All in one system. One size nappy that grows with your baby. It includes a unique pull-out tab system, with a tuck-in pocket to easily insert the absorbent core back into the nappy.
  • Smartipants - One size nappy that grows with your baby. You place the self-removing absorbent Smart Sleeve insert into either side of the sleeve, and it will stay snugly in place until you remove the nappy from your baby. Once the Smartipants nappy is removed, there's no need to take out the insert - it comes out in the wash!

My personal favourite brand was the Bambino Mio Solo, we got on better with this one, I liked the fit on Summer and the performance and ease of use was excellent. I have also since purchased another Bambino Mio Solo and added it my collection.  

My overall experience with washable nappies is a very positive one, once you get yourself into a routine, it really is a simple process to maintain, and of course you can reap the benefits over time. I would strongly encourage any parents out there with babies/toddlers to try washable nappies out, I don't think you will be disappointed..

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