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Review: Oven Pride

Oven Pride is an award winning product (Which best buy for 2012 & New products award for 2012). Oven Pride is a kit in a box and included are the protection gloves, a heavy duty bag and the solution - everything you need to clean your oven.

We are guilty of not cleaning the oven as much as needed, and it is probably one of the worst household chores there is; scrubbing away on your hand and knees to get your oven clean, yourself getting dirty - it is hard and dirty work. And because it is a chore we put off time and time again unfortunately there is now baked on grime on the racks, and oven insides. 

So when I was offered to review Oven Pride I jumped at the chance, the perfect opportunity to clean the oven.

The whole process was really very simple to do, we placed the racks into the bag, poured in the required solution, sealed the bag up, and left it to do its job - you do have to rotate the bag during the 4 hours (or you can leave it overnight). Once finished we poured out the now dirtied black solution, we then wash the racks down with soapy water and voila they were clean and grime free. 

This is the before - eekk black grime baked on the racks:

Here we placed the racks into the bag and poured the solution into the bag, sealed it up and left it - we also covered the bottom of the oven with the solution:

Below are the after results - I think they speak for themselves, we were very pleased indeed:

It was so very simple and easy to use, with no scrubbing needed you just let Oven Pride do all the hard work for you. This is now an essential product for our kitchen, and we will definitely be using this again in the future.

Disclaimer: We were sent this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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