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Review: Bizzy Bitz

We were sent a large tub of Bizzy Bitz to review. As soon as it arrived Jacob started to play with it, building all sorts, and he played all afternoon, happily building.

Bizzy Bitz are a construction toy, you can build and make many different things, with a small ball and socket structure to connect the pieces together that twist and turn in different directions so you can make 2d and 3d shapes. They are very robust and therefore making it easy for young kids, especially Jacob to piece them together.  There are endless possibilities to create many different things and whilst there are lots of enjoyment playing with Bizzy Bitz there is also lots of learning too, the children will learn about patience, dexterity, creativity, and problem solving.

The Bizzy Bitz pieces comes in different colours, bright and colourful, and the odd few had a shiny effect with a smiley face on a round shaped piece. They are also in different shapes, square, triangles, circles, wheels, rods, rectangles, and even curved ones. 

I loved watching Jacob play with these, as it brings out his creative side, and he really is using his imagination each time he plays with Bizzy Bitz. I also like playing with him as we built different things together, and Paul helps him build the more complicated items, like the cannon below. 

Whilst his dad built the cannon for him, Jacob built the man to go with it. I also like how they challenged his creative side. The other day he made both myself and Summer bracelets with the pieces, he was so pleased, and we wore them, though Summer being so young, pulled the pieces apart on hers. 

Jacob was so delighted with the cannon, he played with it, again using his imagination and gaining more enjoyment from the set. He was so pleased with it, he had to show any one that came around.

You can purchase Bizzy Bitz from there website with prices starting from £4.80 for the cheapest, up to £69 for the ultimate deluxe set, which has 850 pieces.

I love Bizzy Bitz they are an excellent alternative to Lego or Meccano, Jacob plays with them everyday and for hours some times, he builds all sorts, from figures, houses, to cars. These are suitable for most children, and they offer an educational value too.  Not only do children play, but we found us adults enjoying them also. I would recommend Bizzy Bitz to anyone, they will be a hit with any child.

Disclaimer: We were sent a tub of Bizzy Bitz for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and completely honest.

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