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Review: Ozeri Cardio Tech Pro Series

Hypertension (high blood pressure), aptly known as the silent killer, unfortunately my father suffers from this. So when I was invited to review the Ozeri CardioTech blood pressure monitor, I said yes. I felt this is something my father could benefit from.  

My father takes daily medication to control his Hypertension, and also every 6 months he visits the nurse to check his blood pressure, it used to be more regular visits, however as the medication began working, the trip to the nurse was reduced. Which is good right? However my father does have 'bad' spells, and my mum spots the bad spells due to my father's eyes going very bloodshot. Therefore having a portable blood pressure monitor at home, would be very beneficial for them indeed - they can check his blood pressure within minutes, if just for reassurance.

When the Ozeri cardio tech arrived, my parents came around and we excitedly opened it and couldn't want to give it a go (my father loves gadgets). We had a quick read of the instructions and proceeded to try it out, each of us taking it in turns. It wraps around your wrist with ease, and you press a button and hey pesto it takes your blood pressure.  The first thing we noticed was the ease of use, how simple and effective it was.  

The Ozeri CardioTech blood pressure monitor is a digital wrist cuff monitor with MWI (measure while inflate) technology, and it cleverly inflates to the required and a comfortable level, and that is it, you don't need to do anything, you leave it to do its job and it does work with ease and effectiveness.

It also has lots of additional functions - it can record and store up to 180 blood pressure readings, logs the date and time per reading, and with the push-button access it will give you your average blood pressure calculation. It also automatically classifies each reading according to the World Health Organization hypertension guidelines.

As well as your blood pressure it also can detect any irregular heartbeats, so you can keep an eye on your heart's health as well.

It comes with a neat blue plastic box so you can store the monitor securely and safely in, which enables you to carry around your CardioTech monitor as a portable solution, and also included were the two AAA batteries. In addition it offers a 5 year guarantee.

If you suffer from high or low blood pressure, or you have relatives that do, then I would recommend the Ozeri CardioTech.

You can purchase the Ozeri cardio tech pro series digital blood pressure monitor at Amazon.

Disclaimer: I was sent this item for the purpose of this review.

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