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Review: Harrington's Dog and Cat Food

I was invited to review the Harrington's a natural choice food for your dog and cat.  Good quality premium dry food for your pets at affordable prices.

Dog Food:
We received the Salmon and Potato choice to try out with Harvey.  Harvey was in protest at first, because he wanted his wet food - he normally eats anything, but I persevered with it, and mixed it in and he started to eat his Harrington's as well - result. :), but I do have to mix it in with wet food, but either way, he is enjoying the benefits with a more natural food, and maybe over time I can wean him over to Harrington's dry foods. The benefits are:

  • Premium complete dry dog food with no artificial colours or flavours, no wheat, no diary, no soya and no added sugar
  • With added omega oils to help improve skin condition
  • With natural antioxidants to help improve digestion
  • With nutrient rich kelp
  • With added yucca extract to help reduce flatulent odours

Cat Food:
When they also sent me the cat food to try out (I thought they were only sending me dog food), my first thought 'Eekkk' my cats are so fussy, especially Ceefur who will only ever eat Whiskers, and then she doesn't eat the whole biscuit, she always leaves a tiny bit - really not sure why either - very odd.. but when I have tried other brands she refuses to eat and then just whines and whines at me until I give her Whiskers - sigh. So I thought 'no way' would she like Harrington's, how wrong was I! And shocked, she actually eats it, and hasn't made a fuss at all, and even a bigger miracle, she eats the whole biscuit, not leaving any silly tiny bits. Amazing.  This confirms a lot to me, it must taste good to her, and with it being a healthier and more natural food option, it's a big bonus for my gorgeous little old lady - she is 17 years old now. 

  • Premium complete dry cat food with no artificial colours or flavours, no beef, no dairy, no soya and no added wheat
  • With prebiotic for healthy digestion
  • With taurine for a healthy heart and eye.
  • With omega 3 for supple skin and a glossy coat
  • With calcium and phosphorous for strong teeth and bones

Harrington's is not only available in the UK, but it is also available in France. They are a British company based in Yorkshire, who have been going for over 20 years now, the Harrington family manufacture premium pet diets at affordable prices, with some great company values which reassure you as a pet owner, Harrington's have your pet's healthy eating habits in their best interests - as listed below:

  • They have never used artificial colours or flavours.
  • No added sugar in any of their products.
  • They endeavour to source ingredients and materials locally.
  • They will not compromise on quality or the ingredients they use.

They also do dog treats, small animal foods, and puppy food and puppy treats.

Disclaimer: I was sent the dog and the cat food for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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