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Review: Top Collar

Are you looking for a healthy treat for your pet pooch?

Top Collar is a fairly new company, started in 2013 by a young entrepreneur whose journey began at a young age. She started off making and selling fresh home-made dog biscuits on stalls at events to raise money for charity. 

After realising there was a gap in the market for a healthy alternative treat for your pet dog, that is when Top Collar was born.

With such an inspirational story comes an inspirational product. Top Collar offers high quality, home-made natural treats, which are all made fresh to order and are locally sourced. An excellent healthy alternative treat delivered straight to your door.

They offer a puppy menu or a menu for the mature dog, and one for your cats as well.

Puppy: Rice & Beans, Chicken Tagine.  Mature: Cheese & Biscuits, Apple Porridge, Salmon & Eggs, Full English, Sunday Roast, Pork Pie. Cats: Fish & Chips.

We received the Full English, ingredients: Egg, sausage, bacon, potato, self-raising flour, butter and milky biscuit mix.  The treats look like heart shaped cheese straws, and my first thought was, I wasn't sure if Harvey would like the texture as he can be a bit fussy at times, however he loved them!  

I asked him to sit like I always do, I held the treat near his nose, he had a sniff, and took it from my hand, he went off with it in his mouth, found his 'quiet' spot and sat and munched away (he wasn't too pleased with me disturbing him whilst I was trying to take pictures of him eating). 

Each box costs £4.95, or they also offer a subscription service called 'Keep Em Coming' club which costs £8.95 per month and for this you will receive two 'dishes' each month straight through your door; the boxes are delivered in a compact size which fits right through your letterbox, and it is packed with treats.

If you would like to give these treats a try, why not use this 10% discount code on your first order: 'TENOFF' this code is available for the Full English, and Sunday Roast dishes.

Harvey enjoying his treats.
Disclaimer: I was sent a free box of treats for Harvey to try out for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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