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Review: Nothing But. The Alternative Healthy Snack

Nothing But is a brand new alternative snack coming to our shops soon. 

Nothing But are freeze dried packets of yummy vegetables, and what is so great about these are, eating them gives you all the goodness and healthy benefits of eating fresh vegetables - "how come" I hear you say? because all that is taken away during the freeze dry process is the water, and none of the nutrients. 

If you are anything like me - the desire to always eat better and healthier being an ongoing aspiration, however when it comes to snack time, grabbing a pack of crisps is your downfall? Then Nothing But snacks is a great alternative, and it can be a start to achieving a healthier snack time.

The flavours we received for this review were the Sliced Beetroot and Parsnip, and the Mange Tout and Red Pepper.  I love all these vegetables, with Beetroot being my favourite. They look amazing, brightly coloured dried pieces of vegetables, and they do look appetising, I couldn't wait to give each one a try.

They taste exactly like they should, but with a different texture - a light texture, but eating them as a snack, instead of part of a meal, will probably take me a while to get used to.

Nothing But have:

No added fat
No added salt
No added sugar
No added colour
No added preservatives

They are gluten free, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

You get to enjoy eating vegetable in a unique and different way, and if you are looking for ways to fulfil you 1 of your 5 days then these healthy alternative to crisps, are a good option.

Disclaimer: I was sent Nothing But snacks for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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