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H&A Bubble Beards & Hilarious Bubble Hats

We have been trying out the H&A New Finding Nemo soft & gentle bubble bath, which produces the best bubbles ever! (official word from the kids!)

As soon as Jacob poured in the H&A Nemo Bubble bath, it started foaming and creating lots of bubbles! We only needed to use a little bit and that was more than enough to create the perfect bubbly bathtime for the kids. Jacob couldn't resist to grab a handful of bubbles to blow all over the bathroom (and me). 

Bathtime is a special time for the kids and they love it with so much joy, it's valuable time that hubby gets to spend with them. He sits on the toilet seat to mediate the amount of water that is splashed out of the bath (he always ends up soaked), but also keeping it fun - Bathtime involves a lot of laughing, splashing, and bubble fun.

Bubbly beard - a great trend in our household
Hilarious bubble hat
We love bath time, and we especially love bubble beards and hilarious bubble hats. They also love to play 'keep the bubbles up' game, this is done by grabbing a hand full of bubbles and to blow the bubbles in to the air, with an attempt to keep them afloat mid-air by blowing at them. Hubby then fills his mouth with cold water from the sink tap, where he squirts them (through his teeth) with cold water - lots of squeals and laughter - not helping at all to keep the water in the bath though.  Another trick he does is the 'fist frog' - he puts his hand into a fist into the bath water, and squirts water out through the top of his fist. They kids love this!

The new Finding Nemo Bubble Bath from H&A is the soft and gentle way to bathe your little one. It has been formulated to care for your child’s delicate skin, is safe for newborn babies and so gentle it can be used everyday.

Reasons why we love H&A Bubble Bath:
>Dermatologically tested
>Pediatrician approved
>Suitable from newborn babies 
>Tear free - a must have for all the little ones.
>Helps make bathtime fun
>Loads of foam
>The character packaging is fun.
The H&A brand has a large array of bath time products, from bath crayons to shampoos, all designed to help make your child's bathtime a funtime. Also they have different cartoon characters ranges, from Disney to Sponge Bob.

This is our entry to the Tots 100 H&A bathtime fun squad competition.

Disclaimer: We were sent this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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