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Review: Weekend Box Club - with a discount code for a free box

We received our Weekend Box last week, the box itself is colourfully illustrated and unfortunately in Jacob's excitement he ripped it open before I could stop him and most of the contents fell out over the floor, however as all the bits and pieces were neatly packed in there own individual packets, nothing was messed up or lost.  Phew.

There are 4 activities in each Weekend box and for the box we received our activities are listed below:
  • Something to Cook  - Shepherd's pie boats: included was the mix of herbs, cocktail sticks and full instructions.
  • Something to Make - DIY 3D glasses: included were 3D glasses template, 3D image sheet, 1 red and 1 blue acetate sheet.
  • Something to Explore - Sand art: included was 4 different little packs of coloured sand, PVA glue, and a picture sheet, in which you make the sand art on.
  • Something Green - Lolly stick bird feeder: included was the PVA glue, string (but it was too small to complete the activity), lolly sticks and bird seed.

As you can see from the photos below, Jacob enjoyed completing each and every task. I found the colour coordinated instruction cards very detailed and clear, and on each card there is a difficulty rate bar with 5 stars, starting from 1 yellow star which is a less difficult activity to the maximum 5 yellow stars which is a difficult activity.

The Weekend box is a fortnightly subscription and the box is sent out to arrive just before the weekend. Inside each fortnight box you will find four activities, one from each of the following categories: Something to Cook, Something to Make, Something to Explore and Something Green. Most of the bits and pieces you will need to complete each activity is included within the box and it also comes with the colour coordinated instruction cards for each individual activity. In addition there was an added little colouring book, which was a nice touch.   The box costs just £7.50 with free delivery.

One thing I noticed was a lot of attention to detail has gone into making the activities a simple, but fun, and positive experience. Even with the included stickers in the box, that you stick on each instructions card once the activity is completed, which made it that little more rewarding for Jacob. It is designed for little ones aged between 3 to 8, and I found it just as much fun helping and watching Jacob complete each activity. 

Why don't you give the Weekend Box ago and get your first box for FREE (including free delivery) you can enjoy it as much as Jacob and I did!

Please use the unique promo code to obtain this discount -  NAILS and it can be redeemed a www.weekendboxclub.com

Disclaimer: I was sent a free Weekend Box Club for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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