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Box of Awesome - December 2013

We received our Box of Awesome today.  Box of Awesome is a box packed of goodies, catered more for boys, but if you have a girl there is also a box called the Box of OMG, please see my post here.

For the Box of Awesome I do subscribe to the bi-monthly option which involves a small cost of £4.99 every 2 months, this guarantees you a box packed of goodies ranging from trading cards, stickers to sweets - . If you are not keen on the cost, then there is a free subscription option available, but it should be noted that this option does not guarantee a bi-monthly box, and therefore you may miss out! If you are one of the lucky free subscribers then you will be sent a free box.

This month is the new slim fitting box, delivered direct to your door, and designed to fit through the letter box. Each box is guaranteed to include a book, and you may receive a box with an exclusive item, i.e. in a previous box we have received a Halo series 7 Mini figurine, and if you are mega lucky then you might receive a limited edition Match Attax cards or a book signed by the author. Finally you receive many different collectables,  i.e. Topps trading cards, stickers and so on.. or as a nice surprise you sometimes get sweets.

What we received in this month's box:
  • Gold of the Gods, Bear Grylls novel.
  • Topps trading cards, Star wars  Force attax.
  • Zombie Zity cards - scratch & Smells card, puzzle cards, or foil. Comes with an exclusive online code.
  • 2 x Topps trading cards, Doctor Who, Alien Attax -50th Anniversary edition.
  • Power Rangers trading cards.
The boys were very excited over all the different pack of cards this month, and Lewis has started to read the book already. Another good box this month.

Do you like the look of this box? Would you go for the free subscription? Or would you go for the paid subscription?

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