Chillfactor Frozen Brain Slushy Maker

Chillfactor Frozen Brain Slushy Maker is perfect for the spring/summer time. You can make ice cold slushy drinks at home! 

Kids love slushy drinks, whenever we are out and about they want a drink, their first choice is always a slushy. A slushy is cold, refreshing and fun.

With the Chillfactor Frozen Brain Slushy Maker you can make your own slushy at home - and it is dead easy.

You simply pop the Frozen Brain cup in the freezer for a few hours (4 to 6 hours), then once chilled, you pour your favourite juice in and then squeeze, squeeze and squeeze some more. Within a minute your drink has turned into delicious slush.

Included with the Frozen Brain Slushy cup: a spoon end and a straw - you can drink your slushy using the straw, or pop the spoon end onto the straw and scoop your slushy and eat it. 

The ChillFactor Slushy Maker is portable so the kids can enjoy their slushy anywhere once made! We've used juice to make our slushies, but going to try chocolate milk and lemonade next! 

RRP £12.99