Meccano 10 in 1 Rally Racer

Meccano 10 in 1 Rally Racer review.

We love anything to do with 'building' and we especially love Meccano, we enjoy the challenge Meccano sets offer. We like to display our finished sets in the play room as it gives a good sense of achievement and allows the kids to proudly show-off their hard work.   

We were sent the Meccano 10 in 1 Rally Racer set for review which we were excited to do.

Included in the 10 in 1 Rally Racer set:

Self-Service Supermarket from Casdon

Summer loves role play and she loves playing 'shop worker', thus, I knew she would love the Casdon Self-Service Supermarket. And, she does!

The Casdon Self-Service Supermarket is an electronic till which has been designed to replicate todays self-contained, self-service checkouts! It comes packed with fun and realistic features which enhance the play experience. 

L.O.L Surprise! Pets

The litter box lid can be used to stamp footprints into the sand. The girls really enjoyed this feature and loved the sand. The final surprise was of course the pet itself with its surprise feature/s. We got a bunny: Cottontail!

Camping Wish List

We love spending time in the outdoors, but, we sometimes find it hard to justify buying ourselves new gear to further embrace it, which will in essence enhance our outdoor experience. However, we've recently come to the realisation that investing in camping / outdoor equipment can broaden our horizon together as a family and we are going to take the plunge. 

Baby Born Bathtime Campaign

The baby doll is such a fantastic toy that we hope and encourage our children to play with. One reason being because playing with baby dolls allow our children to practice problem-solving and real-life skills in a safe, and fun way.

Disney Vampirina Bootiful Dress

Summer loves dressing up and engaging in roleplaying, especially if from her favourite TV characters

Disney Junior's new preschool series, Vampirina, is one of Summer's new favourite shows, and when we were invited to review Vampirina' Bootiful Dress, Summer was very excited. She already owns the Vampirina microphone, and the Vampirina Spookylele, thus, the dress was a great addition to her ever growing collection of Vampirina toys

Epson EcoTank ET-2750

This is our 2nd Epson EcoTank, and it's safe to say we would never be without one.  It not only saves us money with more efficient use of ink, it also works gives us everything we need for our daily printing needs.

I work from home as an International Project Manager, I also have 4 children, 2 of which are teenagers - we have a very busy household, and a very busy printer. Thus, I need a reliable printer, a cost effective printer and one that gives good quality, Epson EcoTank printers have given us just that.

Schleich Bayala Mermaid

I have yet to be disappointed in the Schleich products.

They are beautifully made, extremely detailed, vibrant colors, and the sets are always designed so the individual pieces stay together without being stuck together, allowing you to play more interactively with them. Schleich encourages positively creative and imaginative play.


The world has gone crazy for Porgs since the release of the Last Jedi Start Wars Movie, and so has Jacob. 

Porgs are native to Ahch-To, where the Jedi order was founded,  these cute tiny creatures are an adorable addition and can be found on Luke Skywalker's little island. 

We were sent this cute and cuddly

Glimmies Aquaria

Glimmies Aquaria

Summer is already a fan of Glimmies, the ittle star fairies that light up were a big hit for her, and, when we received the Glimmies Aquaria Glimsplash and additional Glimmies for review, she was super excited.

Prestige Flowers Mother's day

There's something quite exciting when receiving flowers. Whether they are sent by a loved one, or ordered for yourself, receiving a fresh bunch of flowers is

I'm very fond of flowers, even fonder when receiving them unexpectedly.  

It's a beautiful surprise because:


We were invited to be a part of the BABY born babysitter campaign by Zapf Creation. We received the iconic BABY born doll along with a few BABY born accessories.  Summer is really into her dolls at the moment, so I knew she would love to show me her babysitting skills.

The BABY born doll itself comes with an array of accessories, everything a child needs to get started with, including a nappy, sachet of food, baby bottle, dummy and dummy clip, hat and clothing and a feeding bowl and spoon. the BABY born doll has some fun real life functions like, being able to cry real tears, eat, drink and even wee! These functions allow the child to care for their doll and role play as a parent.

Vampirina Toys #VampirinaToys

Vampirina is the latest new Disney Junior TV show celebrating friendship and difference - with a spooktacular twist! To compliment the show there’s a cool new toy range, featuring dolls, accessories and play-sets so children can use their imagination and recreate the Vampirina fun at home.

We were sent:

PAW Patrol Mission PAW Mission Cruiser

This is perfect for Paw Patrol fans, you can’t go wrong with this PAW Patrol Mission PAW Mission Cruiser. 

it does great for little ones imaginative and motor skills, and any fan of Paw Patrol would be excited to receive the Mission Cruiser. There are fun compartments that open and close so you can stow the cars or put Robo Dog in the driver’s seat. The set does include 1 Robo Dog, a vehicle and a pop-open screen.

PJ Masks Team Heroes Board Game from Ravensburger

We've been trying out the new Team of Heroes PJ Masks board game! 

What's the game?

Romeo has let loose his robots to attack the PJ Masks base, thus, players must work and plan together to keep the robots away from HQ, whilst simultaneously disabling Romeo's evil Lab.

This is really a fun game, slightly different as you have to work together as a team rather than against each other, which was nice.

Project Mc2 Pixel Purse

Summer's a big fan of Project Mc2, she has a few dolls and watches the series on Netflix. 

What is Project Mc2?

Exclusive to Netflix, Project Mc2 is about four teenage girls who use their science know-how to be secret agents and save the day. The focus is on STEM studies and how they use it in ways to solve problems. Along with the Netflix series, there is a fab toy range, which are also designed to focus and encourage STEM.