Dog Dental Care Tips For Dog's that Hate Their Teeth Being Brushed

The recommendation is to brush your dog's teeth daily to prevent food and bacteria from building up which can lead to plaque, gum irritation, and infections. But, if you have a dog like my Poppy who doesn't like her teeth brushed, then it can be very difficult.  So what else can we do to keep our dog’s teeth clean and clear from potential issues?

Here’s how I keep both Kiwi and Poppy's mouth cleaner:

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EZ-FORT Fairy Tale Castle

The kids are always building den's in the living room, outdoors, or in their bedrooms. They use bedsheets, pillows and boxes.  So when we were sent the EZ-FORT for review, I knew the kids would love it - and they were very excited.

55 pieces are included in the set. Each piece is lightweight allowing small hands to create their den. The pieces connect and create. There are two different length sized tubes, one size being longer, which makes it easier for kids to build a more spacious den, i.e. allowing them to climb in and out.

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New Kazoops Episodes on CBeebies #JustImagine

Monty Kazoops, the little boy with a vivid imagination and a loyal pet pig, Jimmy Jones, are back with brand new animated adventures in Kazoops, Episodes on CBeebies - which started today!

Kazoops is about Monty, a six-year-old boy who challenges life’s questions both big and small with the help of his limitless imagination and his best friend, Jimmy Jones, the family pet pig. In each episode, the duo enters make-believe worlds to challenge everyday preconceptions such as ‘do things have to be the same all the time?’ or ‘do all games really need rules?

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Easter Fun with L.O.L Surprise! Dolls

This Easter we did something a little different and had some fun with L.O.L Suprise Doll and had a Easter Hunt.

We received an L.O.L Surprise Doll Easter Hunt pack, which included, one Suprise pack, a packet of sweets and some colouring pages.  Some fun bits to keep Summer entertained one afternoon, this Easter half term.

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Yeti In My Spaghetti

If you are looking for a simple, but fun game to play, then Yeti In My Spaghetti is just that! It's been a hit in this house this Easter Holidays.

Yeti In My Spaghetti is very easy to set-up and to play and it's fun - silly fun.

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LEGO Architecture London

Kids Toys Club invited us to review the Lego Architecture London set.

My middle teenage son wants to be an architect - he has his whole education and career path planned out, all with full focus on becoming an architect - I'm really proud of him and I hope his dream will come reality. We went to London last summer and he loved seeing all the buildings. And as we walked along the Thames, it was a proud mummy moment watching him as he absorbed and relished the London architecture. 

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Checkit! toys recently sent a box full of goodies for the girls.  Chuckit! are dog toy specialists, they are also a brand that specialise in glow in the dark toys, perfect for the dark early morning walks or late night walks and your dog loves to play fetch.

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Chillfactor Frozen Brain Slushy Maker

Chillfactor Frozen Brain Slushy Maker is perfect for the spring/summer time. You can make ice cold slushy drinks at home! 

Kids love slushy drinks, whenever we are out and about they want a drink, their first choice is always a slushy. A slushy is cold, refreshing and fun.

With the Chillfactor Frozen Brain Slushy Maker you can make your own slushy at home - and it is dead easy.

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Animal Jam Puzzle from Ravensburger

I enjoy doing puzzles with the kids.  You sit together and take on the challenge together, but I love watching them as they get encouraged each time they solve a part and the excitement when the puzzle comes together. It's great fun, and of course, puzzles offer many educational skills too.

We were lucky to be sent the Animal Jam Puzzle from Ravensburger for review. National Geographic Animal Jam is a massively multiplayer online virtual world and one of the fastest-growing online children's properties worldwide.

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Project Mc2 H20 Nail Science Kit

As seen on Netflix Project Mc2 an original series, Adrienne Attoms brings you her H20 Nail Science Kit. This kit allows you to perform some cool S.T.E.A.M. experiments at home. The Project Mc2 show and merchandise is designed to inspire children to take an interest in S.T.E.A.M subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics).As seen on Netflix Project Mc2 an original series, Adrienne Attoms brings you her H20 Nail Science Kit. This kit allows you to perform some cool S.T.E.A.M. experiments at home. The Project Mc2 show and merchandise is designed to inspire children to take an interest in S.T.E.A.M subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics).

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Wissper & Peggy Doll Set

Sssh, sssh, sssh. I'm Wissper. I can talk to you.

Summer adores Wissper. She watches the animated TV series and was super excited to receive the Wissper & Peggy Doll Set for review.

Wissper is a kind 7-year girl who is able to talk to animals. The animals always go to Wissper for help. She can magically transport herself to anywhere there is an animal in danger by saying the magic word “Sssshhh…” She is very caring of all the animals but she can get cross if they misbehave!

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Wild! Science Perfume Factory

It was British Science Week last week and we love to get involved - science is a fascinating interactive subject that encourages fun experience and learning. Both Summer and Jacob love anything to do with science. To celebrate, Wild! Science sent us their Perfume Factory set.  

Included in the box:

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    Henry Mop & Bucket

    Summer loves to watch and copy me clean the house. She enjoys to get involved and 'help', however, it's not always safe to allow them to handle the household cleaners. But, with Casdon's Henry range of children toys, it gives Summer the perfect opportunity to help me 'clean'. The kids' range is Inspired by the iconic Henry hoover brand, a brand which is easily recognisable, fun and used throughout homes and offices all over the country.

    For this review, we received the Henry Mop & Bucket set.

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    Puppy In My Pocket

    Summer's watched a few YouTube videos of Puppy in My Pocket, and when we were sent some for review, she was super excited.

    Puppy In My Pocket are making a comeback - they've been around since the 90’s and has been a favourite collectable for many years. Each puppy has its own name and unique bio-based. They are super adorable and very collectable.

    For this review we were sent:

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    Doc McStuffins Accessory Set & Hospital Role Play Set

    Summer loves Doc McStuffins, she watches the TV series on Disney, and she loves the toys too. We were kindly sent the Accessory Set and the Hospital Role Playset for review. Both are great fun and an excellent to encourage role play.

    Dottie ‘Doc’ McStuffins is the six-year-old character who fixes toys with a little help from her stuffed animal friends – and your little ones probably know all about her! On the TV, Doc now resides in McStuffinsville where she is Chief Resident at the Toy Hospital.

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    World Book Day with Pretend to Bee

    World Book Day 2017 was celebrated on the 2nd of March, however, at Summer's and Jacob's school it was celebrated a day later, today, the 3rd March - really not sure why, but, still really pleased they got involved this year as previous years they haven't.

    I'm a big bookie, always have been, I think I got it from my mum. And, I encourage my kids to read too.  Reading is great!

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    Schleich Farm World Starter Set

    We received the Schleich Farm World Starter Set for review. This beautiful set of farm animals includes: a cow, a sheep, a donkey and a cockerel. 

    We love Schleich toys, we have a few figures from a previous review and also from when my oldest two were little. The great thing about Schleich is they've kept in perfect condition after all these years.  The quality of each figure is amazing. Each piece is finely painted with all the features, which make them irresistible to kids (and adults) and they are very collectable.

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    We're Going on a Bear Hunt

    We’re Going on a Bear Hunt follows the family on their adventure as they come up against a host of obstacles and battle through whirling snowstorms, thick oozing mud and dark forests on their ambitious quest. But when Rosie and Rufus become detached from the rest of the party it looks like bear-hunting might not be such fun after all…

    "squelch, squerch", "swishy swashy", "hoo woo" 

    We're Going on a Bear is a classic children's picture book and it has been brought to live with the DVD release, an animated special We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

    Produced by the makers of the hugely popular The Snowman and The Snowdog and featuring a stellar cast and beautiful animation, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt will enchant fans old and new.

    The heart-warming special expands the world of the book and features the voices of Olivia Colman, Pam Ferris and Mark Williams as brand new characters Mum, Grandma and Dad. Author Michael Rosen also makes an appearance as the Bear. The film also features a brand new song entitles Me & You specially composed by British singer-songwriter George Ezra.

    Summer was super excited when we received the DVD, it's her favourite book from school, and she recites many parts of the story. She couldn't wait to watch it on DVD and when she did, she fell in love with it - she's watched it many, many times since. It's a short 30-minute DVD, and is beautifully produced.

    Available on DVD from Monday 6th February.

    To celebrate the release of the lovely new DVD, we were sent a box of lovely goodies, for a Twitter party. We invited a few friends round and had 2-hours of Bear Hunt fun!

    We played Pin the Tail on the bear.

    We watched the DVD together, ate popcorn.

    We made some 'beartastic' cookies.

    We cut out and wore 'bear' ears.

    We were supplied with lots of prizes, and the kids took home a lovely goody bag at the end. 

    Project MC2 Netflix NEW Episode and Doll Launch

    Exclusive to Netflix, Project Mc2 is about four teenage girls who use their science know-how to be secret agents and save the day. The focus is on STEM studies and how they use it in ways to solve problems. If you’re looking for a TV show for your girls, then Project Mc2 would make a fun afternoon. Summer has enjoyed each episode.

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