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Kids Gift Ideas Round Up

Christmas is quickly looming, and as always, I've still got pressies to buy. If you're like me and still have some gift's to get, then I've put together the below list of some great gift Ideas.

We were kindly sent this Discovery Channel Digital Metal Detector, RRP £19.99. This is perfect for adventurous children like my Jacob. Every week we venture out, taking the dogs and the kids and walk for a good couple of hours. On the walks, the kids love discovering and finding things, whether that be a mushroom, to a cool looking stick. Jacob can now take his new Digital Metal Detector and see what he can find!

The Metal Detector is lightweight and features a sensitivity and volume control. When close to metal it beeps and flashes.  It's well made and loads of fun.

The Fright Factory Creature Creator is a good idea for arts and crafts toy fans.

Jacob really enjoyed making the creatures, but the set is a bit limited and you quickly run out of the gel. It's not clear on how long you should how long put the LED light over the gel, so we left it overnight. To create your creatures you simply pour the gel into moulds which make the shapes. Leave it overnight to set, then you have your creatures. It's messy / sticky fun!

It does need batteries!

Jacob was super excited when he received the Pokemon Pikachu EX Red and Blue Collection. Like his two older brothers, Jacob is a Pokemon fan! (still kicking myself for throwing out all Liam's old Pokemon cards from 10 years ago). If Jacob's not watching the cartoon he is playing the game. 

Each pack includes a foil card featuring a never-before-seen Mega Evolution Pikachu-EX, plus 4 Pokémon TCG booster packs, A fantastic oversize card featuring Pikachu-EX, promotional TCG and an online code card. 

Available at Asda, Argos, Tesco, Smyths and Toys R Us.

Peppa Pig Blogger Ambassador Bundle

Peppa Pig Blogger Ambassador Bundle

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