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K'NEX Build and Blast

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to be invited to Thorpe Park as guests of K’NEX. K'NEX where showcasing their newest additions to its Thrill Ride Range. 

We were invited to the Thrills Workshop, to create our own K’NEX inventions where Jacob was in his element. We also got to see and try out the amazing range in action.  There were some pretty awesome roller coasters.

In addition to the new Thrill Ride Range, K'NEX have also launched a new range of K’FORCE Build and Blast guns.  Where you get to construct your very own customised blaster! Jacob was extremely excited about these, he loved trying out the new K'FORCE range and taking a closer look at them, especially the blaster. They are customizable, allowing you to use your imagination and build the blaster you want. The firing power is very good too, up to 75 feet. The foam darts and the force at which they shoot out very well.

The K'NEX K-Force blaster is great for anyone who loves construction toys and also shooting. 

We've had and played with K'NEX for many years, my 16-year-old first received our first set when he was little, and we've kept it all these years. Now Jacob plays with it - he loves anything he can build and allows his imagination run wild with, and K'NEX is perfect for that.

The new K'NEX sets are perfect, they offer hours of fun and delight.

At the workshop was a built Blaster, they also had a cool rotating target set-up and invited the kids to have a go and shot using the blasters. 

In addition, there were lots of K'NEX already constructed and on display for us to experience and take a close look out, lots of rollar coasters, ferris wheels, etc. They are pretty awesome, and loads of fun.

We also got to play and build what we wanted with some K'NEX parts.

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