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Our Lion Guard Twitter Party Fun

Last week we took part in the Lion Guard Twitter party along with UKMums.TV and other bloggers. The party was in celebration of the new Lion Guard toys.

The Twitter party was on the Wednesday during school time, which is fine for Summer, but Jacob really wanted to be there, thus, we did it the day before after school. Jacob and a couple of his friends, along with a couple of Summer's friends all came round and had some Lion Guard fun.

We had two hours of fun, games, lots of laughter and tried out the new Lion Guard toys. 

We were sent a big box of Lion Guard goodies for us to host the party - the box had games, party bags, and The Lion Guard toys.  The games we played were Pin the tail on Zion, race to finish the Mazes and Name that Animal game. 

At the end of the party the kids went through their goody bags (Lion Guard Blind Bag, poster, colouring sheet, pencils and Haribo sweets), ate the sweets, coloured in Lion Guard pictures and played with the toys.

The toys went down very well and have been played with every day since. We were sent, Defend the Pride Lands Playset, Bunga's Coconut Blaster, Lion Guard Collectible Figure set and Ono's Lookout Launcher. We only got to keep the Pride Lands Playset as Summer won that on the Pin Kion's Tail game, the other toys were one by Summer and Jacob's friends, but before they left the party they all opened them and all the kids played with the Lion Guard toys together.

We were also sent a few Lion Guard magazines which the kids loved - the magazine is full of colourful pictures, stories, free stickers and puzzles. In addition, we received a lovely Lion Guard Backpack, which Summer loves.

You can see what we got up to in the photos below:

The Pride Lands Playset is full of fun features, from the traps and the lift, it offers hours of imaginative play. The smaller playsets are just as much fun, the small catapult was a favourite.

Kid's Mac in a Sac

Kid's Mac in a Sac

Wet Head

Wet Head