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The Kids Father's Day Gift Guide

The Kids Father's Day Gift Guide


I don’t know about you but I find my hubby extremely difficult to buy for.

I am at a loss when it comes to buying my hubby a gift, whether it be for Christmas, birthday or fathers day. Each year I get hubby the same, his favourite brandy, a Toblerone, or some slippers -  but it's getting a little boring and repetitive, each year buying the same things. so this year for Father's Day I am going to let my kids make all the choices. So I asked Jacob and Summer a couple of questions:

What would you like to get your dad for Father's Day?

Jacob: "I can give him something nice, I can give him a NERF gun. I can give him some beer, or a NERF gun.  I will get him a NERF gun."  okay then, Jacob being the biggest NERF gun fan, I should have seen that one coming. 

Summer: "I want to give Daddy a present. I want to give him a toy car, but I want to make him a present."   Off she went to get some paint and paper to make him his present.

What do you think Dad would like to do on Father's Day?

Jacob: "Have a boys night with me, he would love to." 

Summer: "I think he wants to eat, we can do it outside - yes outside on the table."

After the questions, we went and had a browse on the Tesco Father's Day gift guide and the kids choose the below items: 


Ferrari and Lamborghini Driving Blast £59

Coopers DIY Beer Starter Kit £52

Crosley Cruiser Turntable Orange £59

JSF Orion 4 Quadcopter £79.99

Retro Mini Popcorn Maker £26.99

Jacob, Summer and I had loads of fun picking the items they want to get dad this Farther's day. I especially like the Turntable, although, the kids didn't know what one of these were until I explained it to them - they liked the idea of digging 'dad's' old records out of the loft to listen to them. The kids favourite was the Popcorn Maker, as Jacob said it would be perfect for the boys night!

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