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Disney Frozen and Disney Princess Art Therapy Colouring Books.

Disney Frozen and Disney Princess Art Therapy Colouring Books.

These beautiful colouring books feature patterns, symbols and imagery from both Disney Frozen and the Disney Princess stories. 

The pages are a thick paper, like a soft cardboard, which makes it perfect for colouring in with felt pens or pencils, and due to the thickness of the paper the other pages won't get torn easily. Each page is packed full of patterns, you can sit for hours colouring-in, which I find very relaxing and enjoyable, especially in the garden in the warm weather whilst the kids are playing.

Colouring is a wonderful way to inspire mindfulness and creativity, improve coordination and hone artistic skill. 

These magical books are RRP at £9.99 each. 

Paragon also sent me a themed arts and craft package, where we made this beautiful bunny.

In the pack we received:

  • Instructions and a bunny template
  • Corrugated card
  • x2 Sheets of patterned paper (one red and one blue)
  • Tracing paper.

All I need was:

  • A pencil
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

I placed the tracing paper onto the bunny template and drew over the outlines.  You then turn over the tracing paper and place it onto the coloured patterned sheet and draw over the outlines - this transfer it onto the patterned paper.  

Glue the patterned paper on each side of the card and cut out all the bunny pieces.

Then following the benny template slide all your pieces together to make your bunny.  

I think he looks great.



Selfies – Horsing Around Ravensburger Puzzle

Selfies – Horsing Around Ravensburger Puzzle