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New Clangers Magazine

New Clangers Magazine

Today is the release of a brand new magazine, the first issue of the Clangers magazine is hitting the shelves. 

Clangers magazine takes you on a journey of activities to the little blue planet - it is full of Clanger stories, colouring pages, activity sheets and stickers.

Included with the Magazine is a free whistle (designed to make you sound like a Clanger), a Tiny Clanger toy and clanger stickers. In the magazine, is a cut-out where you can make a boat and use it to play scene with your free Tiny Clanger toy.

Summer and Jacob both love magazines, especially ones with their favourite characters in. Thus, they were super excited to be reviewing the new Clangers Magazine and they were not disappointed. 

Packed with fun and educational puzzles, writing activities, fun colouring pages, counting games, stories and the space sticker section complete with Clanger alphabet poster.

The whistle makes Clanger sounds.

There is so much to do in this magazine, it kept Summer occupied for hours.

The main focus of the Clangers magazine is that they support the early years curriculum. The first issue is £2.99 as it’s a bumper issue, but the regular price will be £2.85.

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