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Plasticine Softeez

Plasticine Softeez

With all this wet weather lately, we've been doing lots of rainy-day indoor activities.  The kids favourite was definitely playing with Plasticine Softeez.

Plasticine is the original modelling clay, an iconic product, that is loved for it soft and non-hardening formula. Plasticine Softeez is softer than traditional Plasticine, it has increased flexibleness, is mess free and doesn't dry out!

Perfect for children to use their imagination and encourage creativity they can spend hours creating and designing whatever they desire. The Softeez clay never dries out - how cool is that? so the kids can recreate using the Softeez clay over and over again.

For this review, we received 6 x 150 g. slabs of Plasticine Softeez (RRP £1.29 each) 1 x Softeez Tub of Fun (RRP £4.99) and 1 x Softeez under the Seas kit (RRP £4.99).

The Softeez Tub of Fun is a small plastic tub with 5 rolls of individual coloured clay, along with two shape cutters.  The plastic tub is great to store your Softeez in. Also, included is a leaflet that illustrates plasticine colour mixes to make further colours.

Plasticine Under The Sea Softeez Play Box is loads of fun, the box is packed full of 12 slabs of Softeez.  Includes, fun underwater themed play mat, 6 Ocean Animal Themed Cutters, 2 Modelling Tools and 1 Roller. The kids had tons of fun cutting up the different sea animals and placing them on the brightly coloured theme play mat.  They also used the modelling tools and rollers to help them.  

They put a lot of concentration and effort in their designs, thoroughly enjoying themselves and their creations.

The soft texture of the Softeez clay makes it perfect for little hands to shape, build and mould. The kids find it easy to work with and as it never dries out, it's perfect for imaginative fun.  Great value for money and it would make a lovely gift for any child that loves creative activities.

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